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Summer Greetings

Updated: Jul 17

August 11, 2018

I survived the third month of retirement. I feel great, FREE, lot’s of energy and happiness. Here is a short update:

I started tennis and surprised myself that I still could play after almost 50 years of not playing. Next month I’m going to play in a league. Wish me well!

Lot’s of gardening this summer. This year we went directly from winter to summer. I used all the time what I could get to prepare my garden for spring, actually summer. That was a crazy fast transition. Every day I felt like behind the work. Not only that I had this feeling. The birds competed aggressively for nesting places. I provided a nesting box and a House Wren moved in. We had the pleasure to observe directly from our kitchen window the cycle of nest building, breeding, feeding, and the first flight of the young birds. House Wrens are prolific songsters, they sing from dawn to dusk. Now they are gone and I miss their melodies!

My July garden is beautiful. I work every day in it -  enjoying the flowers, the birds and the bees, butterflies, turtles, fish and the surprising visit of a little dinosaur (video of the Snapping Turtle).

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